Chambellan Production is an artistic structure specialised in writing, direction and realisation of stage projects (theatre, animations, music, performances) and of formations serving companies, institutions or organisations.

The contributors of Chambellan Production are all professionaly active in the Belgian artistic scene having had complementary records in the ‘world of work’. (marketing-communication, formations, publicity,…).

We are primarily active in French, Dutch, English and German, following ethics and an analytical approach one might call ‘made to measure’, and this since 20 years.



Pierre Lafleur

artistic manager, actor, scenic writer

Stefan Sattler

designer, scenic writer, actor

Pauline Stassin

actress, trainer, scenic writer

Sophie Lafleur


Vincent Blairon

film maker/director, editor
Notre équipe – Photo Kevin

Kevin Van Nuffel

scenic writer, trainer, actor

Why relying on us

Professionals of the arts and culture lay down an attentive analysis targetting an ethically sound result.

We sublimate your demand exploring all the possible paths getting there. We do our outmost to produce artistic concepts whereof the impact is measurable.

We are a structure one might call ‘responsible, free and respectfull searching for collaborations with companies and organisations prioritizing the same values and ethical behaviour as ours’.

Our competences


Playful communication and motivation tool, businesstheatre is a forceful ‘cultural channel’ that has proven its value. Chambellan intervenes where one would not expect it, or when other communication tools fail, where the human interface, represented by the comedian, makes profound sense.

We look after that every single creation of ours offers added value, whether in its relevance of content or shapen quality, always respecting people and budgets.

Some examples :


During our many years of experience on the scene in het heart of companies, and encountering proficient trainers (or organisations as VIAS Institute), we developed a particular ability in traineeships and sensibilisation workshops. Our offer articulates around 2 axes :

  • Our theme traineeships (key in hand) that principally get into subjects linked to security and psychosocial risks, but that include also behavioral aspects as time management, stress, verbal and physical agression, situational leadership, team dynamics, why and how to evaluate, client orientation, preparation of an employment interview, give and receive feedback,…
  • Our traineeships ‘made to measure’, profoundly anchored in day to day reality of the companies we are consulted by.

Theatrical/ comedian intervention not only allows to create a mirror effect with the audience, but it also aims behavior (not the individual), promoting adhesion to a whole range of proposed ideas.

La sécurité en usine

La sécurité routière

La qualité de vie au travail

New Way of Working


Planned as a surplus preparation of your event, the comedian(s)/animator(s) intervention can reveal to be a lever of distraction, even of sensibilisation.Chambellan, considering a succesful animation is an animation thought, written and created made to measure, doesn’t dispose of a catalog of prefab ‘key in hand’ animations.

Some examples of animations conceived in collaboration with our clients :


The audiovisual world has no secrets for us because we are often associated as actors with different cinematographical, publicitary or televisional productions. Therefore Chambellan Production is able to propose a wide range of audiovisual products such as : multi camera realisations (concerts, clips, conferences, fictions, documentaries, interviews), as well as camerawork, pictures, musical production, sound track and soundscapes. Whenever the means justify (and allow) it, we integrate them in events that are confied to us.

Some audiovisual examples :


Year of foundation of Chambellan


Written and memorized lines


Actors who have collaborated with us for 20 years





Extrait du journal interne d’Actiris suite aux interventions de Chambellan lors de l’Actiris+ Tour

Lever de rideau sur Chambellan 

Découvrez le dossier très complet du CCi mag du Brabant Wallon dédié aux activités de Chambellan.

Extrait du journal interne d’Electrabel suite aux interventions de Chambellan lors de journées d’information sécurité pour le personnel des entreprises extérieures

What our clients say about us

Contact us

Pierre Lafleur (FR & GB) : +32 (0) 475 39 75 89 - pierre@chambellan.be

Stefan Sattler (FR, NL, GB & D) : +32 (0) 495 85 69 87 - stefan@chambellan.be