Chambellan specializes in corporate theater & films (custom writing and directing) and training services for companies, institutions, or associations that wish to communicate with their staff in an original, impactful, and decidedly different way.

The speakers from Chambellan are all professionally active in the Belgian artistic world and training, and work mainly in French, Dutch, English, and German.



Pierre Lafleur

artistic manager, actor, scenic writer, trainer
Pauline Stassin 2024

Pauline Stassin

actress, trainer, scenic writer

Stefan Sattler

designer, scenic writer, actor

Sophie Lafleur

kevin van nuffel 2024

Kevin Van Nuffel

scenic writer, trainer, actor

Vincent Blairon

film maker/director, editor

Our competences


Corporate theater (or business theater) is a seriously playful communication and motivation tool, impactful and powerful, that has proven itself.


We intervene where we’re not necessarily expected… when other means of communication are not enough anymore… there, where the human interface (represented by the actor) becomes truly meaningful.


We ensure that each of our creations offers real added value both in terms of content relevance and form quality, always respectful of individuals and budgets. Here are some examples:


Chambellan offers a range of audiovisual products such as: multi-camera productions (corporate films, fiction, interviews, conferences, documentaries, concerts, clips, etc.),


But also: aerial photo and video shoots, musical production, soundtracks, and soundscapes.


Examples of audiovisual productions:


Through our years of field experience at the heart of businesses, we have developed a very specific expertise in training and awareness workshops. Our offer is structured around two axes:

  • Our “Customized” training that goes deep into the reality of the companies that consult us.
  • Our ‘Thematic‘ training (turnkey), listed below, which primarily addresses issues related to safety, psychosocial risks, and also behavioral aspects.

Theater, educational games, role-playing, improvisation, and interactive lectures help to create a tremendous dynamic with the audience, target behaviors (not individuals), understand more theoretical aspects, while fostering a strong anchoring of the various ideas proposed. Moreover, all our trainings can be adapted in duration: from 1.5 hours to one or two full days.

La sécurité en usine

La sécurité routiÚre

La qualité de vie au travail

New Way of Working


Planned in advance of your event, the involvement of actors and facilitator(s) can prove to be a real lever for entertainment or even awareness. Chambellan believes that a successful animation is a well-thought-out animation, we do not have a catalog of “ready-to-go” animations.

Here are some examples of animations designed in collaboration with our clients:

What our clients say about us


Extrait du journal interne d’Actiris suite aux interventions de Chambellan lors de l’Actiris+ Tour

Lever de rideau sur Chambellan 

Découvrez le dossier trÚs complet du CCi mag du Brabant Wallon dédié aux activités de Chambellan.

Extrait du journal interne d’Electrabel suite aux interventions de Chambellan lors de journĂ©es d’information sĂ©curitĂ© pour le personnel des entreprises extĂ©rieures



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